2014, 11 March 2014: Photos!

A bumper crop today. That’s just how 2014 rolls! I got an exciting package yesterday. I had sent 5 rolls of film to Peak Imaging in Sheffield for developing and scanning to CD. I decided not to go for prints this time – I figured I could get prints made of any that I really wanted in physical form.  I was really pleased with the results from Peak Imaging. There was some fogging on some of the colour 120 pictures, which is either related to the way I load the film / unload the film or due to the security scanning in airports… But the processing is top notch.  Above is just a selection of the picture I took on my Olympus OM10 and Lomo Lubitel 166 – more can be found on my Flickr pages.

1 & 2. Taken on my Lomo Lubitel 166; 3 & 4. Taken on my Olympus OM10.

2014, 1 March: Peach Blossom

I have a dwarf Peach tree on our balcony.  I bought it last summer and it was fairly lush and green. But I wasn’t sure if it had blossomed and it looked a little sad by the end of the yar.  I gave it a good prune a few weeks ago, cutting back the branches that were dead (for some reason), allowing the healthy parts of the plant to flourish.  And I’m delighted that there have been not only green shoots, but also big fat blossom buds, which have started to burst into flower.  One of the reasons I bought a peach tree was for the blossom. I am not disappointed. 

Taken with my Olympus Pen.  Macro lens. 

2014, 11 Feb: St Pancras Station

Well, it turns out that keeping up a 365 project while you are away somewhere exciting is easy. Doing it once your back in a hum drum world of work and rain and long days is really very hard.  I was doing it, but I wasn’t happy with the photos I was taking – desperation shots and shots when you feel pressured to take ‘something, anything’ are never going to be the best!  So this year it might be less 365, more sporadic, but I hope the better for it.  Today I was at the British Library for a training day. It was very wet when I got there, but by the end of the day the light shining on St Pancras next door was gorgeous.  

Taken with my iPhone. 

2014, Day 24: Little silver fishy

There is a little shop in Bukchon in Seoul that does some fabulous jewellery and other items in silver.  It’s where my little silver birdies came from. While I’d love some of their other pieces, I just picked up a couple of small things this time, including this small silver fishy phone charm.

Taken on my Olympus Pen.  Macro lens, manual focus.

2014, Day 23: Dark Clouds


Not the best photo again today, but I only had my iPhone with me to quickly snap the light in the dark clouds while waiting for my train home. It was very dramatic, and representative of the weather today with it’s passing hail showers all day.

Taken on my iPhone.

2014, Day 22: Korean Magpie and Tiger


Today has been mostly spent unpacking, doing washings, putting away the Christmas decorations and being extremely jet lagged.  The best bit about unpacking after a long journey is discovering all the things you’ve bought while you’ve been away.  I loved this illustrated pair of magnets when I first saw them at Gyeonbokgung.  According to the card with the magnets: ‘Jakhodo, or a painting of Korean magpie and tiger, is traditionally popular folk painting.  It was believed that tigers have a spiritual power and could chase away evil spirits and tHat a Korean magpie as a good one , that it brought good news.  People used the painting of these images and a pine tree a symbol of the first month of a year as a new year’s talisman.’

Taken on my iPhone.

2014, Day 21: Above the Clouds


We had the most amazing views from the plane on our way home from Seoul – taking in most of the Mongolian Plains and parts of Southern Siberia, while spending a lot of the journey above clouds chasing the sunset as we headed west.

Taken on my iPhone.  From a Boeing 777-300 above the Yellow Sea.


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